Art Foundation Week 1

I decided to do a Foundation in art to learn the basic traditional skills -drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. I certainly didn’t expect to go out in the first week and become a Walking Artist for a day-this was new on me! Anyway this was a very quick bonding exercise as we had to form groups and create the idea of a walk with the intent of planning, recording and presenting the walk.

We decided to do a route from the railway to the park, looking upwards, drawing, photographing, recording sounds  and writing down thoughts on the journey. The walk took an hour and we planned to stop every 4 minutes, this didn’t go to plan as we got distracted by what we saw especially the stream train whose bellowing smoke was exciting to watch in real life but dull in the actual photograph. 5 minute pencil drawings were not as interesting as the charcoal ones-a lesson in choice of medium, ditto for  photographs of sky with the odd bit of tree and architectural detail. When we returned we decided to overlay the photographs with the cut out charcoal drawings to make a more interesting picture and display these on markers  a map to scale of the journey. I edited the sound from the journey, there were a few surprises such as the tinkling sound of  bottles being emptied in to the recycle truck which I may use for some music.  I’ve since noticed the sound more on a day to day basis, changing from one end of the town to the other.

I enjoyed drawing but  don’t really feel I’m any good at it. We were drawing ceramic buttons on display in the exhibition in the Ceramics Gallery. Mine look like aliens.



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