Week 9: The Box 2

For this assignment we had to explore materials again and make something influenced by our first box in week 5. I felt I had already looked at the theme of Africa in the rust masks I made for the Land Art project so instead concentrated on the idea of the box itself. I love boxes-especially vintage ones, which I randomly collect often discarding the jewellery inside of them. I like the idea of the surprise and a secret.


I like embroidery so I decided to remove the original box linings and replace with a piece of cushioned silk with embroidered jewellery. At first I was going to do some thready deconstructed lines with some metallic threads found in a charity shop that I wanted to play with.In the end  I used straightforward satin stitch and chain stitch sewn on to vintage silk with the help from the great invention that is stitch support. It was difficult to fit the cushions back in to the original boxes as I hadn’t measured properly to make allowances for the extra padding.

As it was close to Christmas I was thinking of jewellery as gifts from men to long term partners or wives in particular.  I’m afraid I am quite sceptical about marriage seeing as 50% end up in divorce and the fact that domestic work in the home and child care is way off being equal between men and women.

I also wanted to write a subversive sentiment in the box lid to replace where the jewellery shop’s details would be. I used a gold fine liner but it spread across the fabric and was not very successful. In hindsight I would get gold transfer labels made up commercially and apply them to look more professional. There was a third message in the jewellery label-where you’d usually see a statement of the quality of the metal or stone.I displayed these in an old borrowed bookcase with a selection of appropriate vintage cooks on cooking, embroidery and household management.

I also made a dry point print for an advert to go with the display which was rushed as a last minute decision but all together looked ok.


I really enjoyed making these though I could have executed them better with more careful thought and research about materials.  I hope to make some more though for Valentine’s Day-perhaps with nice sentiments-well maybe!


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