Week 10:Life Drawing

We have been doing life drawing for about six weeks now and are lucky to have the same model every week. It is quite tricky and I’m making the same mistakes-shortening of limbs, head not in correct position etc. However I can now attempt feet and hands which were out of the question six weeks ago! It is very enjoyable as an activity though there’s still loads to learn.

Drawing objects is easier as the shapes are simpler -I seem to have a fondness for using a lot of dark tone!

We had to do an architectural drawing which is technically very difficult-I’ve no interest in precise measurements. However I liked using a stick and ink and the trees were done with the D.I.Y mark making tools form week one (a fake carnation flower on a stick). I think overall the kind of observational drawing we’ve been doing has trained my eye to notice detail such as shape and tone in everyday things which I previously would have  looked over.



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