About Me

I have always loved art and studied Art History but I have never had any formal training in art as it wasn’t even a subject option at my secondary school. I wanted to learn how to make my own images and visual media to go with music I make so I enrolled on a Foundation in Fine Art to learn how.

I was once half of UK dreampop/shoegaze band Swallow, and released one album Blow in 1992 on 4AD records, which has since become a cult shoegaze classic. I walked away from music and left London for a self-sufficient life in rural Wales after the band broke up in 1994.

I returned to music after 20 years after joining a local choir where I met Peter Pavli (High Tide, Robert Calvert, Annette Peacock, and the Third Ear Band). We released a home recorded album ‘Made of Stars’ as Strata Florida on Saint Marie Records (USA) in 2014 which was described as “…a full-throttle, Spectorish wall of sound pumped up to about 15” which was well received. We are currently finishing a follow up LP to be released at the end of 2016.




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  1. Little steps, Louise, will lead to great things. Good luck to you, lovely. 😊x

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    1. Louise Trehy says:

      Thank you Nigel -as always x

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  2. Paul Fellowes says:

    You can’t contain creative talent…let it fly!


    1. Louise Trehy says:


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